Custom Fabrication

Due to the versatile nature of the Unimog, the off-road behemoth appears throughout the world when one of the toughest, sturdiest vehicles is needed. Used by the United States Army for remote installation access and German disaster relief operations, the Unimog offers the flexibility to move heavy loads or traverse steep inclines filled with debris. If you're looking to haul friends and family along for an off-road expedition to far-off locations unreachable by most 4WD vehicles or in need of reliable transport in an emergency situation, the Unimog delivers unmatched quality and durability.

Unimogs require specialized knowledge and extensive experience for proper customization. It can be considerably difficult finding the right custom Unimog fabricators in Colorado and the United States, and further still to locate a dependable source that can give straight, detailed answers to your questions. Couch Off-Road Engineering makes use of years of experience to deliver a unique vehicle to match each and every one of your expectations.

We've built up a network of specialists that spans the globe to address any challenges or requirements for modifications or implements the Unimog can utilize. Every off-road vehicle C.O.R.E. puts a hand to has a distinctive look, feel, and purpose that's as individual as the owner. If you need an off-road vehicle with one-of-a-kind functionality, we have the right solution.

Dedication to Communication

Couch Off-Road Engineering wants to give you the help and honesty you deserve. If you're brand-new to the off-road world or a hardcore Mog enthusiast, we're prepared to educate you and take the time to understand what you want out of your Unimog. Need a multi-use vehicle to keep equipment costs down? Want to learn more about the technical specifications that set the Unimog apart? We've been saving our clients time and money by giving them the in-depth information they require without any runaround.

Contact us today to discover the limitless possibilities for Unimog custom fabrication. We want the opportunity to show you face-to-face what makes us a leader in the 4WD and off-road custom fabrication industry.