Start your engines. - Bryan Taylor @ 8:31 am

The very latest word regarding the prototype winches is that they will NOT be completed before the mog has set sail for Europe, so Milemarker is sending out a mockup so Jay can fab the front and rear bumper/mounts. They should be completed the second week of June, and will be shipped to the truck, and installed at that time.

  • Jay is cutting down the factory 1700 bed by 11? in order to provide clearance for a spare tire/wheel and fuel tank.
  • The methanol injection system is almost fully plumbed and can spray around 1 liter of meth per minute at full capacity (which shouldn't be very often). Ya, that's a lot! He has (2) 7 gal tanks for the fluid...
  • Jay is working to increase the alternator output to get into the 180 - 200amp range. It's proving to be a bit of a challenge though, and a custom alternator may be the final option. More to come on that...
  • Due to the large electrical load, Jay may add another Odyssey flat plate drycell battery, but he has completed the battery box, sans Rebel flag on the lid.
  • Wheels and tires are looking like May 5th or so - I'll get some pics when they arrive.
  • Take a look at the engine pic. Everything is looking really good. The engine was fired up today as well, but only briefly since the cooling system is not in place. There is a good possibility the mog will be driving by the weekend, so expect video soon!