New Additions - Bryan Taylor @ 1:50 pm

Jay received the shocks for the mog the other day, and boy are they sweet, although a bit pricey! The guys had to cut the front mounts, lengthen them, and retool them to fit the new shocks - and the rear will require a bit of fabricating as well. The finished product is very nice.

A lot of time has been spent on the cooling system. Jay was able to complete the hydraulic fan for the stock radiator in the front, and the guys are plumbing the two additional radiators as I type. The rear two have electric fan setups with shrouds. There will be an auxiliary pump to circulate the coolant as well, but the location has not been finalized yet.

I have included some better pics of the turbo as well. It looks very well done. The exhaust is complete as well. It is setup to dump just behind the cab as you can see in the pic. Check out the size of the inter cooler!

The front bumper is coming along nicely. Jay is planning to turn it into a 3 piece bumper, to allow for easier cab tilting, etc.

The overall progress is good, but time is getting short!!!