Couch Off Road Race Truck Build Notes - Couch @ 2:13 am

The project truck is a 1985 U1700 that had a stock 170HP motor, which has been replaced with a Cummins 24 valve diesel. The new motor, ATS turbo, intercooler, and P7100 IP setup should push 450HP. This Unimog platform was chosen because it has the heaviest chassis and should be the most stable platform, and not flex too badly after being launched into the air. The total race weight of the mog will be about 16,500 lbs, or 7,484.27411 kilograms.

  • The tires are going to be 49? tall, 445/70R24 XM-47's, mounted on custom bead locks.
  • The stock axles have been swapped out for lighter ones plumbed for CTIS, and a full CTIS system will be installed on the mog.
  • The shocks are going to be full bypass reservoir shocks. The suspension has been lightened up significantly, and the vehicle has been lowered 4? from stock height (but it may come back up a bit).
  • The exo-cage is 2 3/8? mild steel tubing, just under 3/16? walled. The factory cab is almost roll-over protective on its own, but the cage guarantees that everyone walks away; but, it's really designed to be a functional tree cage...
  • The seats are very comfy, wrap-around race seats, and although the driver's is air-ride, that will be locked out and the seat lowered as much as possible to reduce head-bobble, and neck fatigue.
  • The intercooler is 51? across by 21? high, sitting behind a UHN hood and grill.
  • There will be a lot of pneumatics onboard, so a cam/crank driven 15CFM air compressor will be installed off the engine. A two stage hydraulic pump will be running in series off that.
  • Hydraulic usage will include cooling fans, winch, and 4 stock circuits as well.
  • There will be a secondary radiator with electric fans as well.
  • The clutch is a single, hybrid, puck clutch - custom built setup with kelvar and ceramic, designed to handle the 1,000ft/lbs of torque generated.
  • The cab and bed tip cylinders are being retained for any repairs that may be needed during the race.
  • LED lights are being made to custom fit the mog. The rear lights are being mounted to a pneumatically actuated, telescoping 16? mast, that is remote controlled. It will be the equivalent of 1,000 to 2,000 watts of Metal Halide lighting, but will be only pulling 180 watts of juice. The front light bar will have triple that number of lights, and have the equivalent of 6,000 watts of Metal Halide lighting. It is impossible to imagine just how much light this is, but they will be on a dimmer, and need it! In addition, custom LED lighting is being made for the headlights...
  • Garmin GPS and helmet-to-helmet communications will be installed.
  • There will be 2 - 22,000 lbs hydraulic winches, pneumatically controlled for direction, speed, etc.
  • A custom front bull bar, will hold a winch, and give a far better approach angle than the stock bumper would.
  • The cab interior is rhino-lined with herculiner on the floor to keep mud out of the cracks.
  • The color scheme is still undecided, but brushed steel (like a DeLorean) or carbon fiber are the two top contenders.