Ch Ch Ch Changes - Bryan Taylor @ 8:19 am

So the truck is progressing along - but there are lots of inputs coming from different sources, and some are being re-worked to make everything mesh together. For example, the clutch input shaft is being milled down a few more millimeters, because of a conflict with the ID of the bearing it goes through. While not a huge deal, the milling is not being done in-house, and so there is a delay...

Other changes: the original turbo was to be a variable vane turbo, but an Aurora 3000 non wastegated turbo has become the final choice. The original winch choice was a prototype (REALLY nice), but it may not get completed before the truck has to go - so dual hydraulic 15,500 lbs winches may be riding up front, with one in the back. This is still very TBD...

Stazworks is going to be fabricating the beadlock wheels, and that will start soon - Jay is just making his final "bling" selection for the center cut-outs. He was considering opening this up to a poll on the forum, but he was concerned that the winner might go this way, and he didn't want to represent the USA quite like that... Ya, thanks Jay, you're a true Ambassador... So the final choice may be something more simplistic and industrial, which will actually go very well with the mog as a whole.

The Bell intercooler should be coming next week, as well as the tires - I'll get some pics up when they get here.