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Our lack of resources and vantage points at the Breslau made for some less than spectacular photographs. However, our new friend Robert W. Kranz has been so generous to share his photographs with us. Behold!
We've found our rankings online at Breslau Rankings. They should be updated soon. As of last night we were told that Jay finished 11th in the big truck class, out of 36. We missed the party last night in order to prepare everything for a ride back to Frankfurt without us this morning, putting the smaller tires on Bam Bam to fit him into the... Read More
I'm happy to report that Bam Bam has successfully completed the Rallye Breslau #17. However, our final place doesn't do justice to the champions on our team. We could not have succeeded at completing this race without the extremely hard work of Alois and Josh who volunteered their time to this venture, the calm and orderliness of Maura who made... Read More
The last I posted, we were preparing for the arrival of the new axel. The old axel was removed after midnight and hauled onto the service truck by 7 men, who even together, needed all of their strength to lift it. Alois and Josh discovered that the joint or collar where the axel connects to the truck was broken and when they removed it, it lay in... Read More
We're on day 5 of the rally and things could have gone better so far. I've been doing some writing, but what's interesting to read as it's happening is less exciting to post days later. The Rallye has not been able to provide internet until today and still the press is disappointed because it's not enough to upload photographs. I've sent a memory... Read More
Bam Bam Flies Away!
Decal placement has begun
Delivered to the airport I dropped Bam Bam off at the Chicago O'Hare Airport Lufthansa Terminal on Thursday. We cleared customs rather quickly, thanks to our savvy shipper. Our carne for customs had 296 individual items: tools, spare parts and camping gear. We had to install the baby tires for transport, putting the big mothers on a palate which... Read More
Bam Bam The race truck has been named. Bam Bam will now be flying into Poland, which gives us an extra 2.5 weeks to complete and perfect our work. The attached pictures show its current state, near finished. One major difference will be that the bed will have a printed canvas cover on it and of course the entire truck will be covered with our... Read More
Jay received the shocks for the mog the other day, and boy are they sweet, although a bit pricey! The guys had to cut the front mounts, lengthen them, and retool them to fit the new shocks - and the rear will require a bit of fabricating as well. The finished product is very nice. A lot of time has been spent on the cooling system. Jay was able to... Read More
The very latest word regarding the prototype winches is that they will NOT be completed before the mog has set sail for Europe, so Milemarker is sending out a mockup so Jay can fab the front and rear bumper/mounts. They should be completed the second week of June, and will be shipped to the truck, and installed at that time. Jay is cutting down... Read More
So the truck is progressing along - but there are lots of inputs coming from different sources, and some are being re-worked to make everything mesh together. For example, the clutch input shaft is being milled down a few more millimeters, because of a conflict with the ID of the bearing it goes through. While not a huge deal, the milling is not... Read More