Hands Free Door Kicker

Stop the most common public shared surfaces from being touched!

Couch Off Road has developed this Hands Free Door Opener that can be retrofitted to most standard doors with grab handles. It can be installed on most standard doors in about 10 Minutes.


These Door Openers can be used for unlatching and pulling or pushing a door open or closed with your feet. Totally hands free!


These units are robust and will withstand residential and commercial usage.


Spring and linkage can be mounted on the Left or Right depending on the door configuration. Linkage also has an override mechanism to allow handle only usage if needed with minimally increased effort.


Currently we have powder coated mild steel models in several colors available. We will have stainless steel models available shortly.


We made this to help keep us safe from Corona virus and the other nasties in life sure to follow, or on a lighter note, get in with your groceries!


Stay Safe.... Call us Today to Order Yours!  $65.00  888-X-UNIMOG ext 3 (888-986-4664)