What is a Unimog?

UNIversal-MOtor-Geräts, or "Unimogs", have a rich history dating back to just after World War II. Originally designed for foresting and agricultural harvesting, Unimogs sported all-wheel drive and an extremely high ground clearance. However, its durable chassis and suspension design made it popular for off-road and cross-country use. It has since seen an incredible array of adaptations for military, municipal and even luxury use in the harshest of conditions and terrains.

Why is the Unimog so Unique?

For years now the Unimog has been able to go where it pleases and take a heavy beating from rocky terrain, extreme temperatures, and virtually any grade of incline imaginable. It's a challenge to find something a Unimog can't drive through or over. The ultimate driving machine takes advantage of three main design elements:

  1. High Ground Clearance
    The portal axles are geared down from the top of the wheel. Basically, the axle tube and differential casing are much higher and grant a high ground clearance from 17" to 21". This gives the Unimog the ability to climb over just about anything.
  2. Suspension Articulation
    Thrust tubes and a flexible frame design give an amazing amount of vertical tire movement and guaranteed traction. Axle rotation and engine/transmission attachments put that high ground clearance to good use with the twisting necessary for getting over stumps and even boulders.
  3. 3-Point Mounted Transmission
    It's all well and good that a Unimog's transmission never hinders flex with its focus on minimal mounting points. It really shines when it comes to locking in differentials in the front and rear for superior 4x4 driving. Not only can you enjoy fine-tuned gear ratios without failure, the Unimog can do it forward or reverse. Take on any approach or departure angle necessary!

C.O.R.E. Unimogs

  • Towing Capacity
    While this will always depend on horsepower and total vehicle weight, they really excel at high drawbar pull. The Unimog can handle a variety of attachments on the mounting areas for specialized work. Implement alternatives can easily be removed and refitted as needed.

  • Implements and Power Takeoff
    Outfit the Unimog with anything from brush mowers to stationary conveyor belts with a PTO connection. Hydraulic connections and mounting brackets on most models allow for hydraulic arms and loaders for moving materials.