Uses of a Unimog

Unimogs are widely regarded as one of the premier vehicles for getting where you need to go despite difficult obstacles impeding travel. Its portal axles and high amount of flex from unique chassis design give it the durability and ground clearance to safely negotiate rough terrain. The ability to climb steep inclines and various debris without breaking down is truly unique.

It's incredible how many different uses have been found for the Unimog. Historically it has been a mainstay in militaries around the globe as a means to transport to or reach any destination no matter the climate or topography. Now that the word has gotten out, the Unimog is currently being utilized by enthusiasts, emergency workers, farmers, and more.

4WD, Off-Road, and Motorsport

You can only fully understand the thrill of an off-road excursion by experiencing it first-hand. Have you ever yearned to reach that out-of-the-way vista but didn't have a vehicle equipped to handle everything along the way? Ever reached a point in your Colorado off-road trip with obstacles your vehicle couldn't make it past? A Unimog doesn't have to worry about these limitations that have ruined your fun.

Colorado and the varied climates in the United States can present you with surprising or difficult conditions—steep ravines, expansive sand dunes, debris-laden fields—you weren't expecting when you planned your weekend getaway. Unimogs give you the 4WD, torque, and superior ground clearance that makes your journeys limitless. Just pick a place, and you're Unimog will get you there.

All-Purpose Construction and Agricultural Use

Unimogs can be equipped with snow plows, hoses, hydraulic bucket loaders, conveyor belts, harvesting implements, access platforms, and just about any auxiliary equipment you could need. This versatility makes it useful year-round on any worksite or in any field. They can even be outfitted as rail car movers.

Having one single vehicle that can be used in so many different ways in deep water, mud, and off-road helps keep vehicle costs down. A Unimog never experiences seasonal downtime and can't be kept on the sidelines during inclement weather.

Emergency Vehicle Use and EMP Resistance

The Unimog's durability makes it a top choice for emergency vehicle use in the most extreme cases like disaster relief. In a time of need there can be no excuses, no setbacks, no boundaries. Dense terrain can't stop the Unimog, and professionals or civilians will get where they need to go as soon as possible.


C.O.R.E. Unimogs are completely free of data processors and sensitive electronic equipment. Engine management and drive train control systems aren't reliant on complex processors that may fail at the wrong time. Maintenance and repair can be done with simple tools which can be used during an emergency when electricity may not be available.

In the event of a large Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), the Unimog keeps on moving while other vehicles will fail. If a high altitude EMP weapons attack were to occur close enough to knock out vital electronics, you'll know that your Unimog can travel and be repaired.