RA6 / RA4

LandArc Industries

Take Your Off-Road Expedition Vehicle Anywhere

The LandArk RA-6/RA-4 is a compact overland vehicle that packs the strength and torque of a tractor into a powerful package you can take on- and off-road. It features a durable chassis and drivetrain for tackling any rough terrain in Colorado and beyond. Its compact dimensions and power/weight ratio give you perfect control in any environment, even with a towed load.

Couch Off-Road Engineering has specifically designed the LandArk as a reliable vehicle for travelling in the harshest conditions found on Earth and safely getting you to any destination. The LandArk is engineered and built to last you for decades through every off-road challenge you need to take on.

Technical Specifications

The RA Series Vehicles are based on the globally respected Unimog platform. The worldwide use of this vehicle over the last 40 plus years guarantees spare parts availability and workshop familiarity globally far into the future.

  • 5.9 Litre Cummins inline 6 cylinder at 350hp / 5.7 Litre Mercedes-Benz inline 6 at 200hp
  • Rated Cruising Speed: 65mph at 2650rpm. Optionally higher gear ratios available.
  • Operating range: 600 miles with 60 gal fuel capacity.
  • Optional electric drive can be run silent. “Short-term” is controlled infinitely from 0-27mph via joystick. Fully reversible without use of a clutch.
  • Tires are 44”x16.5” on 20” custom wheels. "Runflat optional".
  • Optional pressurized drive train & engine cranking system for sustained deep water fording.
  • 11gpm hydraulic system for use of implements & recovery gear.
  • 32 Speed transmission is remotely air/oil cooled & filtered for long service intervals.
  • Cabin is heavily heat and sound insulated.
  • Body reinforcements installed at B,C, and D Pillars.
  • Reverse opening rear doors allow loading from front to back.
  • Rear loaded cartridge system for three row seating, cargo carrying, or self contained expedition cartridge.
  • Powered rear opening hatch for full width cargo access.
  • Standard Unimog running gear - Portal axles, variable rate coil spring suspension.
  • Drivetrain is completely sealed through use of torque tube system.
  • Full locking differentials pneumatically actuated front and rear axles.
  • Diesel fired cabin heat for no idle passenger comfort.

Not Just Another RV

The LandArk Series is the next generation of a truly capable off-road expedition vehicle with competent on-road manners. Its operating systems are completely data processor free. This relatively simple mechanical architecture assists in eliminating many common failures evidenced in today's current trend of overly complex and failure prone designs found in the most critical engine management and drive train control systems. This also makes the LandArk EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) resistant in the case of an intense EMP weapons attack. This translates into a Survival Expedtion Vehicle that will still be moving and operating at full capacity after an EMP attack and a vehicle that can quickly be repaired in remote areas of the world with the use of simple, easy to find tools.

What is B.O.V.?

Whether you need to reach your bug-out location or another area of safety in the case of an emergency, you need a failsafe way to get there. Emergency evacuations occur in unpredictable and often dangerous conditions where panic and confusion can take over. That's why evacuation plans and preparation are necessary to ensure self-sufficiency and safe travel. A bug-out vehicle (B.O.V.) is one of the most important elements of contingency plans.

The LandArk Series fully operates without any data processors to give you peace of mind in the case of any EMP weapons attack emergency situations. Emergency repair and maintenance is completely self-reliant requiring only simple, easily found tools. Cruise the road or traverse off-road obstacles with the confidence your RA vehicle will be operational when you need it to be.

What good is an off-road expedition vehicle if it can't traverse off-road?

The LandArk is relatively compact at 9' 6" tall. At approximately 26' long, its total length is only 4' longer than a typical domestic crew cab pickup. It has a GVW of approximately 24,000 lbs. spread across six 49" x 17"CTIS controlled tires. 

Utilizing the sound Unimog coil suspension up front, the LandArk takes full advantage of the unique 6x6 qualities by utilizing a half elliptic equalizing rear suspension design. This system nearly eliminates tire lift and axle overloading experienced in other coil sprung 6x6 designs.

Brought to you by Couch Off-Road Engineering

The LandArk is a vehicles created to be an instrument with which to carry you into, through, and beyond the harshest conditions on Earth. It is a machine architected with your well being in mind. The LandArk is the BOV which can be trusted to get the job done and continue, not for just years, but decades to come.